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Hire & Leasing

Hire & Leasing

Contract Hire, Operating Leasing & Short-Term Hire

Not currently in a position to buy? Whatever your budget, Kärcher offers a range of flexible leasing and hire options to suit your business's requirements. 

Contract Hire & Operating Leasing

Widely seen as a popular way to operate professional cleaning equipment, end-users pay a fixed monthly rental which includes maintenance and servicing to enjoy a unique combination of features and benefits. Contract Hire and Operating Leases are generally used by businesses that want to... 
  • Fix their cleaning equipment costs for up to 7 years
  • Offset 100% of rentals against taxable profits
  • Take advantage of ‘off balance sheet’ funding
  • Improve liquidity
  • Enjoy usage benefits without ownership risks
  • Use their cash in core areas of the business
  • Create increased efficiencies from cleaning costs

With Contract Hire or Operating Leases you have... 
  • No need to budget for unexpected maintenance costs
  • No need to tie up cash in depreciating assets
  • No need to pay big deposits or VAT on delivery
  • No need to constantly negotiate servicing costs
  • No need to constantly borrow funds on a bank overdraft facility

Short-Term Hire

As an alternative to longer-term leasing options, a number of Kärcher partners offer various short-term hire options with minimum commitment and maximum flexibility for your business.

With short-term hire you have…
  • Flexible machine and maintenance costs
  • No long term commitments
  • No depreciating assets on your books
  • Products available on demand or at short notice
  • Higher utilisation and flexibility of your cleaning equipment